Ostia Capital is a high performing outcome-driven business that offers a variety of services across real estate and technology advisory, capital raising, commercial and residential developments and social housing projects.

We have over 40 years of experience and believe that every problem can be solved with an innovative and pragmatic approach. We pride ourselves on delivering successful and dynamic projects for all of our clients.

More homes for those who need it, fast.

Housing affordability and availability, along with a high cost of living has greatly impacted accessibility to safe and stable housing across Australia.

With a vision to help design & develop social housing projects across the nation, we are striving to create visible and measurable change, providing brand new quality dwellings to provide safe housing for those who need it most.

Our Approach

Our bespoke design and production process enables us to streamline the entire build process, resulting in quality homes built faster.

Our effective model means we are able to complete a residential build within 12 months following aquisition of the site, which is roughly 50% faster than a standard Australian build.

The final result is built in accordance with the Australian building standards, and will result in a highly consistent and uniform build across all sites and projects.

Social Housing Landscape

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In NSW in June 2022, 51,031 ppl were on the general waiting list and 6,519 on the priority list. People on the general waiting list can expect to wait 10 years or more in most locations to secure a home^



Advisory & Capital Raising

We believe that innovative thinking as well as an inherent drive for achieving the best possible outcome for every individual project, delivers the strongest results for our clients. We are experts at thinking, doing and enacting measurable change for all of our clients, giving them the ability to grow and solve any business challenges.

Our experience covers over 40 years of real estate expertise across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Indonesia & Korea, covering commercial, industrial and residential investments, developments and advisory services as well as 15 years of hands on experience launching tech start ups across Australia and Asia.

Our Services

Our services cover corporate advice and guidance across multiple industries and our financial and analytical approach allows us to assist our clients achieve their corporate strategies and objectives. We provide advice to Australian and International Business’s on:

  • Debt & Equity Capital Raising
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Leveraged Buy-Outs
  • Strategic Corporate Advice
  • Underwritting Advice
  • Asset Financing
  • Joint Venture Partnerships
  • Identification of Future Investment Opportunities

Contact Us

Email: contactus@ostiacapital.com

Phone: 0410 662 867

Location: L53/25 Martin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000

We look forward to working with you